With the money raised from this ballot question, we’ll be able to fund community improvement projects throughout Lakewood, including improvements to our roads and transportation network, public safety services, and new parks and open spaces. This new revenue will allow our community to invest in long-needed improvements that just aren’t possible right now.

Retail marijuana would be subject to a special state sales tax of 15 percent and the local sales tax of 3 percent.

Revenue from the 15 percent special sales tax is shared between the state and local governments. Local governments that permit sales of retail marijuana receive 10 percent of special sales tax revenue.

In addition to the local share of the state’s special sales tax, local governments can place additional taxes on the sale of marijuana.

By allowing recreational cannabis sales in Lakewood, we’ll be able to make cannabis use safer by requiring it to be legally sold in licensed, regulated, and taxed local businesses with clear consumer safety protections, instead of letting criminals operate in the illegal market. Our community will also be able to tap into state revenue from marijuana sales that can be used for drug awareness programs.

The ballot question will restrict recreational cannabis to the existing ten stores. This measured approach allows sales from trusted Lakewood operators that have demonstrated their ability to adhere to state and local laws for medicinal cannabis sales.

This measure will allow existing medicinal cannabis stores to begin selling adult use retail cannabis on January 1, 2021.