A Stronger Lakewood

This ballot question will create a stronger Lakewood by generating up to $5 million per year in new revenue from allowing locally owned medicinal cannabis stores to sell recreational cannabis too. We’ll be able to invest this revenue in our community and gain access to valuable state funding that will boost our local economy and public investment. With the money raised from recreational sales, local businesses will thrive and we’ll invest in our parks, roads and public safety.  

Safety Before All Else

Our state has pioneered a safe and regulated cannabis industry. By allowing recreational cannabis sales in Lakewood, we’ll be able to make cannabis use safer by requiring it to be legally sold in licensed, regulated, and taxed businesses with clear consumer safety protections. And, by joining 74 other cities and towns who already allow recreational cannabis sales, Lakewood will unlock funding for drug awareness programs and improve public safety. 

Keep Revenue in Lakewood

The City of Lakewood has lost out on tens of millions of dollars in tax revenues that have gone to neighboring communities like Denver, Edgewater and Englewood. In that time, we’ve seen those communities make investments in their parks, transportation, and more that we haven’t been able to do ourselves. We should be keeping those dollars in Lakewood and strengthening our own community.


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