It’s Time for a Stronger Lakewood

2B on the ballot this November will allow existing, locally owned medicinal cannabis stores to also sell recreational cannabis, generating millions in additional revenue each year for our parks, roads and public safety without raising anyone’s taxes.

Make Lakewood Competitive

Lakewood will be joining 74 cities and towns in Colorado that already allow recreational cannabis sales. It’s time for our city to take advantage of recreational cannabis.

A Safe Solution

Allowing recreational cannabis sales will make Lakewood safer by requiring it to be sold in licensed, regulated, and taxed businesses with clear consumer safety protections

Keep Revenue in Lakewood

Lakewood is missing out on the major economic benefits that come from allowing cannabis sales. For years, surrounding cities have brought in  millions of dollars in revenue that could have come to Lakewood.

It’s time to keep our money in Lakewood and put those sales tax revenues to good use.